PEMTRON  TROI 7700 Series

3D Inline Solder Paste Inspection System

Using Moire' pattern, Pemtron's three-dimensional lead application dosage tester combines 2D color images with 3D measurement data to provide more detailed, near-real PCB images, unlike traditional color maps. We will also provide you with the best solution for high-quality and high-precision PCB production with a variety of statistical programs, along with information you need to quickly and accurately judge positive/failure.


PEMTRON  TROI 7700 Series - SQC Rorschacherberg
TROI 7700


Feinmetall, gefederte Kontaktstifte, Elektronik, Testsysteme

gefederte, Feinmetall, Adapter, Laborbedarf, kommerzielle, Testsysteme, Elektronikprüfung, Test, Prüfung, Qualität, Produktivität, Präzision, Adaption


Kontaktstifte, Elektronik, Feinmetall